Grace's Rest operates on a strictly non-profit basis and relies solely on donations, fundraising and the proceeds from our guest speaking services in order to operate

Due to the ill-health of the owner Grace's Rest will no longer be accepting rescue animals.  All donations made from as of w/c 23rd April 2018 will go towards out new global goal of protecting wildlife worldwide!


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Money will go towards scientific research into wildlife conservation and

educational resources for the public.

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Meet the Owner-Operator, Clare Barnard BSc.(Hons)


Clare is a research scientist and PhD candidate at the University of Lincoln where she is studying wildlife conservation and the direct impact of the exotic pet trade on wild animal populations.  She will be working from the Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology of Adaptations.  Clare has also been honoured to become part of the Global Amphibian Biodiversity research team.


Clare has almost 20 years professional experience in the husbandry of exotic animals a specialism in the genetics of British herpetofauna.  She has worked with wild Adders (Vipera berus) and endangered Natterjack Toads (Epidalea calamita) under Natural England license conditions.  Clare has worked as a zookeeper and within private collections including her own.  She lives in rural North Warwickshire, on-site at Grace's Rest, with a whole host of animals!

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